Body Shaping – Ultracavitación

Adipose or fatty tissue is formed by adipocytes that store lípidos- -cells in triglyceride form fatty acids which release when the body requires energy to develop muscular work. Adipose tissue is found in various parts of the body, around the organs, or in the subcutaneous tissue under the skin, which tends increased by metabolic, endocrine or excess food intake problems, giving no aesthetic folds in the abdomen, chest, thighs and other body parts.

If you want to shape your body, always visit a health professional, preferably a doctor specializing in the study, treatment and management of overweight and obesity, which determine the cause: metabolic, endocrine, emotional, energy, nutrition, sedentary lifestyle associated a disease that must be treated before weight loss procedures.

Currently an option to shape the body is ultracavitation procedure that uses ultrasound devices that generate waves with frequencies of between 35 and 40 kilohertz cycles of compression and expansion (pressed) at high speed, which in contact with fatty folds produce cavitation adipose tissue, ie the appearance of multiple empty microbubbles enlarged with vibratory motion, they implode and break the membrane of adipocytes, which discharge their fat the intercellular space.

Thermal action of ultrasound waves, the semi-solid fat becomes semi-liquid, allowing it to be transported through the lymph vessels to the heart, he joined the blood for use by muscles in energy consumption and some is transported to the liver where fat molecules disintegrate into its basic components to be eliminated by renal excretion. Ultracavitación is indicated for the treatment of women and men with localized fat in the abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and cellulite (Hypertrophic lipodystrophy).

It is therefore important before the Ultracavitación, lymphatic assess renal function, liver and fat to ensure that cavitation leaving the tissue is removed, do not increase circulating levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which can cause circulatory problems, also assess contraindications of the procedure.

The person must eat properly ultracavitación, drink plenty of fluids, aerobic exercises that allow you to spend excess circulating fatty acids. The process is also accompanied by Lymphatic Drainage, which improves the passage of fat from adipose tissue cavitation the lymphatic system, reducing massage, moldeantes, toning and using a postoperative belt to increase lymphatic drainage and body shaping.

Ultracavitación sessions are up to 30 minutes at intervals of 72 hours between sessions and the maximum number for a treatment is 10 (300 minutes) after which they must wait at least a month, for a new procedure. Professionals should be performed by trained and trained and handled appliances with INVIMA record sufficient patient safety. The ultracavitación contraindications must determine Medical.

The ultracavitación professionally done is a safe and effective procedure with good results from the first session, with comparable results with liposuction and lipolysis, but without the anesthetic risks of infection and high cost of surgical procedures.

Dr. Freddy Henry Cardenas Aguirre.