Drenaje Linfatico


The lymphatic system is considered as an integral part of the circulatory system , like venous or arterial circulation to the extent that it is constituted of a liquid or lymph fluid from the blood and returns the blood through the vessels nodes. Lymph carries certain nutrients such as lipids, it distributes white blood cells that fight infection. Lymph also becomes interstitial fluid or tissue fluid present in the intercellular spaces.

A portion of this liquid enters the body through the capillary membrane, but the best part comes into the capillaries to form the lymph nodes. Another function of the lymph is to transport large molecules such as cell debris, fat globules, small particles of protein. Drains lymph vessels and lymph circulates through the lymphatic and reintegrated gangliomas blood circulation in the neck veins collectors. The lymphatic system is a secondary transport system has no pump driving. The lymph circulation depends on the pressure of the circulatory system and the effect of natural massage muscles moving.

Lymph nodes are small oval structures. Blood is cleaned and filtered in the lymph nodes where the cells are grouped together to fight microbes. This filter prevents bacteria, cancer cells and other infectious agents from entering the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body.