The aesthetic is a manual massage technique available to the professional aesthetic for balance , improve fitness and well-being. It is therefore considered essential in almost every aesthetic treatment protocols.


Massage Effect:

We will have immediate and delayed.

Immediate Effects:

The body temperature can increase 2 to 3 °C, producing a local hyperemia process that benefits the skin nutrition. It produces dragging dead cells of the stratum corneum, grease and other waste substances, by mechanical effect.

Active movement of lymphatic circulation by mechanical entrainment.

A level of lymphatic circulation increases its draining effect , which reduces edema.

Modifies the state of contraction or muscle tone. The slow, rhythmic and supermarkets, produce muscle relaxation exercises. Rapid and localized toning exercises.

Efectos Retardados:

It gives the skin more flexibility and a smoother texture. The hyperemia peripheral vasodilation occurs in the skin and muscles. Although massage definitely not eliminate fatty deposits, it does help to reduce these localized areas.

In muscles produces an increased volume, strength, endurance and flexibility, these structures providing greater capacity for work. In the nervous system produces an analgesic effect by anesthetic nerve endings. It also induces consistent mental relaxation of the client, providing a sense of well being.

Aesthetic Indications:

  • Improving the condition of the body.
  • Induces a state of relaxation under stress or stress.
  • Activates blood and lymph circulation.
  • As preventive and palliative treatment of skin aging.
  • As adjunctive treatment of localized fat and cellulite.
  • As a supplementary palliative stretch marks and scars.
  • Improving skin tone and muscle tissue in cases of flaccidity.