Platelet-Rich Plasma – P.R.P.

The advantage of using Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as P.R.P in facial rejuvenation treatments, is to use a risk-free biological substance manufactured by the body, free of chemicals and.

It is a restored for application in mature skin showing signs of aging or young skin with acne scars treatment, through which visible results are obtained, more light is achieved and the coloration is improved, achieving a significant increase in the smoothness of the skin.

¿What is the treatment of Platelet Rich Plasma or P.R.P?

The Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood , by a process comprising centrifuging a blood sample, which is obtained plasma rich in platelets. The Platelet Rich Plasma is applied to the skin through micro injections. This treatment consists of 3 steps:

We proceed to disinfect the area where you intend to perform the extraction . Preferably the forearm. Elastic band is placed prior to restrict blood circulation and facilitate extraction. Once the shows, the band is removed before removing the needle to restore circulation . Estimated time : 5-10 minutes.
Once the sample is necessary to centrifugation at 2800-3100 rpm for 9-10 min. After the centrifugation and the sample we prepared for activation.
The PRP can be injected via intradermal injections micro where functional skin cells abound, leftover amounts of PRP can be injected as a nappage in the epidermis to stimulate the epidermal cells. However, the areas of injection and depth depend on the condition being treated and the desired effect.

Post-Treatment advice

  • PRP treatment can be combined with Mesotherapy 7-14 days to optimize results. It is recommended that a cycle of 3 sessions per year, and optionally combined with other products, depending on the needs of the skin.
  • Patients will develop some swelling, which interpreted as a sign of reviving your skin. At some points, the needle may produce some small marks, which disappear the next day without any problems. You can apply your usual makeup and cosmetics.
  • Also it used to stop baldness, infiltrating the substance directly to the scalp, protecting and feeding, strengthening and stopping its fall.